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A "hella" is informally one metric octillion (1027) which is what you might call a large number if you're being particularly subtle about it. It was formally rejected by SI, but some non-biological entities like Google Assistant and Wolfram Alpha will convert units to hellas if you ask nicely .


❯ gpg --recv-keys 0xB69403FA957C5E46

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Virtual Machines as Code

Optimizing for determinism in virtual machines. This approach can be used to vend the same virtual machine image version in many formats e.g. VHD for Azure, Stac

Fly.io Programmable Front-end

In short, a programmable cloud delivery network (CDN) aka front-end like Fly.io is an API by which to configure the logical edge of an application stack. Fly.io

Securing AWS Credentials

A single rogue npm module, Ruby gem, PyPi module, or ill-fated cURL command could expose you (and your employer) t